Mobile modular substation (MMS) for Lenenergo PJSC

In November 2016, SPECENERGO manufactured and shipped its two 110/10(6) kV (25 MVA) mobile modular substations (MMS) for Lenenergo PJSC’s to upgrade existing 110/10 kV
Lensovetovskaya substation No. 210

The 110/10 kV Lensovetovskaya TS supplies electric power to numerous subscribers in Pushkinskiy District of Saint Petersburg, which prevents partial short-term shutdown of the substation for the reconstruction duration. Lenenergo PJSC’s professionals decided to reconstruct the substation in two stages.

At the first stage, energy engineers installed two MMS with the total capacity of 50 MVA manufactured by SPECENERGO, thus quadrupling the power supply’s capacity from 12.6 to 50 MVA. The MMS provided reliability category 2 power supply. To ensure electric power switching at the 110 kV side of the MMS, the 5N circuit for connecting the 2 MMS was provided. 10 kV subscribers were connected to the 10 (6) kV module.

The solution allowed to unload the 110/10 kV Lensovetovskaya substation and proceed to the second stage of its reconstruction being the power supply upgrade without disconnecting the consumers. Using the MMS as the provisional power supply throughout the reconstruction of the operational substation allowed to install new transformers without limiting electric power supply. Energy engineers also erected the new substation building and installed advanced 110 kV distributors, automation, telemetry and relay protection devices.

 Reconstruction of the 110/10 kV Lensovetovskaya substation provided capacities for connecting new consumers such as the Lensovetovskiy Residential Complex under construction, private residences, kindergartens, schools as well as small and medium businesses to electric grids. It also provided additional electric power supply reliability for residents of Lensovetovskiy Township and reserves for connecting future consumers.

In June 2019, the reconstruction of the 110/10 kV Lensovetovskaya substation No. 210 was completed, and SPECENERGO’s professionals removed the MMS from the site to the Central Emergency Reserve of Lenenergo PJSC.