Mobile Packaged Transformer Substations (MPTS)

Mobile Packaged Transformer Substations (MPTS) are used as an emergency power reserve. in case of damage to the main (stationary) equipment of the substation, for the period of emergency recovery works, as well as for the reconstruction of the power grid.

Advantages of Use

  • Mobile PTS is a product of maximum operational readiness.
  • Container with PTS equipment is placed onto low bed trucks which allows transporting the substation repeatedly.
  • Overall dimensions of Mobile PTS are in compliance with the overall dimensions of cargo transport allowed to travel on public roads of the Russian Federation.
  • When installed on site, the Mobile PTS are placed onto standard jacks. This solution does not interfere with the existing landscape improvement features and does not require arranging any special site (foundation) for installation.
  • The design of PTS modules provides for the possibility of performing the loading and unloading operations while allowing transportation by road to the installation site without involving any additional special vehicles.
  • high voltage switchgear (HVSG) 10(6) kV;
  • Molded power transformer 630 kVA;
  • low voltage switchgear (LVSG) 0.4 kV, the scope of LVSG includes the in-house power cabinet;
  • metering and remote telemetry control cabinet;
  • cabinet for Automated Information and Measuring System for Power Consumption Metering and Control;
  • thermal protection cabinet;
  • uninterruptible power supply cabinet;
  • cabinet for Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS) and for ground fault protection monitoring.
Technical parameters and characteristics
Parameter name Parameter value
Complete switchgears characteristics
Rated voltage, kV 10
High operating voltage, kV 12
Rated frequency, Hz 50
Rated current of main circuits of the cabinets, A 630
Rated current of bus bars, А 630
— electrodynamic withstand nominal current, кА 51
— rated thermal current(1 s), кА 20
Thermal withstand capability time , s
— for main circuits 3
— for grounding the disconnector 1
Transformer characteristics
Rated voltage, kV 10.5 (6,3)
High operating voltage, kV 12
Nominal rated capacity, kVa 630
LVSG characteristics
Rated input current, A 1250
Rated current of bus bars, A 1250
Material of bus bars Aluminum
Rated current of the sectional disconnector, A 1200
Design Features

The design of the Mobile PTS is based on a heat-insulated container complete with lighting, heating and ventilation systems, inside of which the main and secondary equipment is mounted. Mobile PTS has a universal configuration which provides for the ease and convenience in the process of commissioning and connection of the main equipment to 10 kV and 6kV power network.
10(6) kV HVSG is contructed on the base of packaged switchgear cabinet and consists of 2 sections. The substation may be used either in combination (providing category II of power supply reliability) or individually (providing category III of power supply reliability). The sections are connected by a cable insertion. Entrance for 10(6) kV and 0.4 kV cables into the Mobile PTS is provided at the bottom part of the module, behind the HVSG and LVSG racks.
The power transformers enclosure is provided with proper cooling of the equipment, while a forced ventilation system is also allowed for.