Mobile closed switchgear devices 10(6) kV

Mobile closed switchgear devices (MCSG) 10(6) kV are a container storage unit with switchgear cells 10(6) kV and auxiliary cabinets mounted on a semitrailer.

MCSG is intended for the operative replacement of the switchgear device of the existing substation for the period of its repair, in order to provide power supply to consumers according to a temporary scheme. CSGs are used in power supply systems of objects of the oil and gas industry, agriculture, mining industry.a

The module composition includes:

  • container storage unit;
  • 10(6) kV switchgear;
  • auxiliary power transformer;
  • alternative current in-house cabinet;
  • operational auxiliary power supply system with a compact rechargeable battery and charging device;
  • terminal cabinet with the possibility to connect external connections with relay protection, automation and remote signalling devices;
  • fire and security alarm

MCSG is completed with various relay protection and automation devices at the Customer’s request in accordance with the technical specification requirements.

Technical parameters and characteristics

Parameter name Parameter value
Rated voltage, kV 10, 6
Rated current of bus bars, А 630, 800, 1000, 1250, 1600, 2000, 2500, 3150
– rated thermal current (1 s), кА Up to 31,5
– electrodynamic withstand nominal current, кА Up to 81
Rated voltage of auxiliary circuits, V
DC 220
AC 220, 380