Container storage units

Container storage units are the optimal solution for placing small-sized electro-technical and technological equipment at the facility. Containers require minimum time and material costs, do not require a special foundation erection, can be placed in harsh climatic conditions and protect the equipment from various external factors.

Operating conditions
  • installation altitude above sea level: no more than 1000m;
  • seismic activity: no more than 9 points on the MSK-64 scale;
  • ambient air temperature: from -60C to +40C;
  • degree of fire resistance of building: II in accordance with SNiP 21-01-97;
  • protection level according to GOST 14254: IP34 (IP54 is optional);
  • standard value: snow region V, wind region II;
  • atmosphere type II according to GOST 15150.
Design features

The container storage unit is an all-welded construction with a frame of rolled channels. Bottom frame is sheathed with cold rolled or hot rolled sheets. The roof frame is made of steel pipes and sheathed from outside with hot-rolled sheets. The grounding strip (4×40 strip) is welded to the floor with outputs to the outside.

The walls are made of corrugated cold-rolled sheets and sheathed from inside with sandwich panels with non-combustible mineral wool thermal insulation, what allows to maintain the optimum temperature inside the container.

Containers are equipped with fire-protective doors; if necessary, gates or removable panels are installed in the end.
The fittings for transportation and slinging, which allow moving the container to any site are installed in the container corners (top and bottom).
In accordance with the technical specification of the customer the technological holes for ventilation and equipment are made on the container storage unit.