Prefabricated enclosures

One of the modern processes of a quick economical construction is Prefabricated enclosures. The main advantage of this solution is the possibility of assembling a building or a complex in a short time, as well as the possibility of multiple relocations from one place to another, what is due to the maximum factory readiness of the container storage units.

It is possible to use any life support systems and to install all kinds of technological equipment in buildings. Prefab modular buildings are widely used in various industry branches, but they are most in demand at oil and gas production objects and construction sites, where the erection of capital buildings and structures is not rational.

Prefabricated enclosures
        Major advantages
  • Building structures reliability and aesthetics;
  • Possibility of operation in cold climates;
  • Minimum weight;
  • Color schemes diversity;
  • High degree of factory readiness;
  • Erection minimum deadlines;
  • Mobility and transportation easiness. The dimensions and design of the modular units provide for the possibility of their transportation by road, rail and air transport;
  • Possibility of buildings transforming, dismantling and moving to another site;
  • Versatility: it is possible to assemble a structure of the required length and width of the modular units;
  • Possibility of installation in places where capital construction is encumbered or impossible;
  • Operation convenience and guaranteed security.

Operating conditions

  • Installation altitude above sea level: no more than 1000m;
  • Seismic activity: no more than 9 points on the MSK-64 scale;
  • Ambient air temperature: from -60C to +40C;
  • Degree of fire resistance of building: II in accordance with SNiP 21-01-97;
  • Protection level according to GOST 14254: IP34;
  • Standard value: snow region V, wind region II;
  • Atmosphere type II according to GOST 15150;
  • Rated snow load is 3.2 kPa;
  • Rated temperature of the coldest five days period is -41С.
Design features

The buildings are structurally made of modular units with a full factory readiness equipment installed within the module. At that, the module overall dimensions correspond to the transport dimensions of the rolling stock, intended for operation on the roads of the Russian Federation. The dimensions are determined by the manufacturer plant together with the customer on the basis of technical requirements and block-boxes transportation method.

Modular units and prefab modular buildings made of them are produced in various versions for any climatic conditions, meet all the fire and sanitary requirements.

The primary bearing member of the modular unit is a welded metal frame, which gives it strength during installation, operation, loading and transportation.

Depending on the project requirements, impermeable openings for the cables laying are provided at the building foundation, in the walls, and in the roof.

Prefab modular buildings are equipped with own auxiliary equipment: internal climate, lighting and fire alarm systems in accordance with the project requirements, providing an autonomous continuous mode of operation without the presence of attendance crew.

In order to arrange protection against electric shock, equalization of potential and the dangerous effects of lightning, a grounding device, consisting of an internal grounding loop, is mounted in the building. The band outputs of the internal grounding loop are provided at the block box corners in two places for connection to the external grounding loop.

The product final assembly is performed at the operation site. At that, the works for docking of finished modules and equipment located in these modules, the installation of platforms and access stairs are performed.

The prefab buildings structure provides for installation on a flat site (foundation); standard concrete blocks, reinforced concrete piles or strip foundation are used as foundations for modules.

All the steel parts have a protective anti-corrosion coating.

All the applied materials are certified.