Concrete complete transformer substation (CCTS)

A concrete complete transformer substation (CCTS) of a dead-end and passing through type with a capacity 160 to 2500 kVA for the voltage of 10(6)/0.4 kV three-phase alternative current with a frequency of 50 Hz is intended for receiving, converting and distributing electrical energy. CCTS is used to arrange the power supply system for agricultural consumers, individual settlements, industrial and oil and gas facilities.

CCTS operation conditions

  • CCTS climatic version and location category is Y1, YXL1 according to GOST 15150-69 and GOST 15543.1-89;
  • the rated values of climatic factors of the environment during the CCTS operation according to GOST. 15150 and GOST 15543.1;
  • ambient air temperature from -60°C to +40°C;
  • relative humidity of outside air is up to 100%;
  • altitude above sea level is no more than 1000m; environment is non-explosive, free of conductive dust, corrosive gases and vapors in concentrations that destroy materials and insulation, atmosphere of I and II types according to GOST. 15543.1 and GOST 15150;
  • air temperature during storage of preserved CCTS from -50°C to + 40°C;
  • seismic resistance is 9 points.

Technical parameters and characteristics

Parameter name Parameter value
Supply transformer capacity, kVA 160 — 2500
Rated voltage on the high voltage side, kV 6; 10; 20
Rated voltage on the low voltage side, kV 0.4
Rated current of bus bars on the high voltage side, А 630 — 1000
Rated current of bus bars on the low voltage side, А up to 5000
Bus bars on the low voltage side for the switchgear :
– air-insulated, кА/2с 20
— SF[sub 6]-gas insulated, кА/1с 20; 25
Peak withstand current of the bus bars on the high voltage side for the switchgear, кА:
— air-insulated 31,5; 51
— SF[sub 6]-gas insulated 51; 63
Conventional thermal current of the bus bars on the low voltage side, кА/1с 50; 100
Peak withstand current of the bus bars on the low voltage side, кА 110; 220
Insulation level according to GOST 1516.1:
— with a oil-filled transformer normal
— with a transformer with dry insulation of electric windings lighter
Climatic version according to GOST 15150 Y1, YXL1
Protection level according to GOST 14254 IP23
Concrete casing dimensions, mm:
— height, up tо 3000
— width, up to 3000
— length, up to 7000
Concrete casing weight (no more) :
— casing with HVSG / LVSG equipment without transformer 20000
— cable structure 12500
— oil sump 1000
Service life, years Not less than 30

CCTS completeness

CCTS also provides provides the possibility to install the following:

  • substation housing, consisting of the main unit and the cable semibasement;
  • high voltage switchgear (HVSG);
  • supply transformer;
  • low voltage switchgear (LVSG);
  • emergency fallback cabinet (optional);
  • telemetry complex based on multifunctional electricity meters (optional);
  • Automated Meter Reading and Control System (optional);
  • CAPCS (optional);
  • PF correction (optional);
  • set of bus bar and jumper cables;
  • installation materials;
  • spare parts and accessories as per SPTA Set List
  • area lighting;
  • heating;
  • security and fire alarm;
  • forced ventilation.

CCTS are completed with equipment of leading global and Russian manufacturers

Equipment nameType, brandEnterprise-manufacturer
High voltage equipmentKSO-2LLC «SPECENERGO»
GHA RM-6«Schneider Electric»
Power substationsTMG up to 4000 kVA«Minsk Electrotechnical Plant named after V. I. Kozlov»
TRIHAL«Schneider Electric»
Substations up to 4000 kVALLC «Electrofizika» «SVEL Company Group»
Low voltage equipmentType and manufacturer of equipment as agreed with the customer

The configuration and composition of the equipment used in CCTS can be changed at the Customer’s request in accordance with the technical specification requirements.

Design features

The CCTS block design is a dimensional reinforced concrete casing made of concrete, consisting of a cable structure and a monolithic dimensional block, providing protection of electrical equipment from exposures and necessary strength characteristics during operation and transportation.

The openings are provided in the foundation plate of each CCTS block, for the high-voltage switchgear and low-voltage switchgear for the passage of cables and a hatch for access to the cable pulling chamber.

The CCTS set comes with the foundation block (cable construction or cable pulling chamber) the walls of which are covered with a special sealing compound to prevent moisture from penetrating inside the CCTS. The thicknesses in the walls of the cable pit, in which pipes are installed, are provided to simplify the cable entering into the substation. The openings are provided in the foundation plate of each CCTS block, for the high-voltage switchgear and low-voltage switchgear for the passage of cables and a hatch for access to the cable pulling chamber.

The substation outdoor unit casing is covered with a special stucco, which gives an aesthetic appearance to the substation and protects it from precipitation. The CCTS roof is covered with asphalt mastic and a melting material, which provides waterproofing that excludes the penetration of precipitations into the substation.

The holes are provided for the drainage of the transformer oil in the foundation plate under the power transformers. A tank is installed for the full volume of the transformer oil in the dimensional pulling chamber under the power transformer. The guides are provided in the transformer compartment, that provides rolling-in and locking all the transformer types, used in the CCTS.

Then, all the metallic elements are mounted into the CCTS casing: metal gate of the transformer compartment, metal doors of the HVSG and LVSG compartments, ventilation grilles, dampers and grids. All the metal elements are covered with anti-corrosion coating and powder paint.

The CCTS internal grounding loop is mounted with a metal strip of 4x40mm.

A natural ventilation is provided in the CCTS by application of the ventilation grilles with a width of holes of no more than 10mm in the doors and on one of the walls of the transformer compartment. In order to provide protection against the penetration rodents and other animals, the ventilation grilles are additionally covered with a metal grid with a cell width of no more than 10x10mm.v