Low voltage electrical switchboard

Low voltage electrical switchboard (LVS) are designed to control, protect, signal, receive and distribute DC and AC electrical power with a voltage of 0.4 kV and a frequency of 50 Hz.

The LVS are applied in all the areas of electrical power production, transfer and distribution as:

  • main and sub-distribution panels (DBU);
  • automatic circuit breaker panels (COCB);
  • panels of control stations for electric motors, heaters and other consumers;
  • aggregate panels of control stations (APCS) by electrically driven and fuel-powered (including gas turbine) gas and oil pumping units;
  • as LVSG of the 6(10)/0.4 kV PTS;
  • switchboard panels of the auxiliary power plants of the consumers.
Low voltage electrical switchboard
        Major advantages
  • The LVS consists of modular elements and allows mounting boards of any configuration in a stationary and retractable version with various options for the functional units separation. The cables and bus bars supply can be connected to the top or bottom part of the panel.
  • The devices are installed in stationary or retractable modules, all the controls can be located on the front side. Performance monitoring and control can be performed without opening the doors.
  • The use of modern switching devices, fuses, control devices and alarms ensures the panel performance high reliability.
  • Installation of the retractable modules with equipment and (or) the use of the draw-out version switching devices allows performing their maintenance without removal of voltage and ensures the works safety.
  • The LVS are delivered in the form of independently transportable sections of full factory readiness. The high reliability and service life of the applied equipment, factory manufacturing quality, allow to significantly increase the product life and to reduce the maintenance works scope.
  • The service life is not less than 30 years.

Equipment functional purpose

  • electric plants power redundancy.
  • monitoring of the parameters and state of the power supply system.
  • local, remote, and automatic control of electrical receivers.

  • receiving control signals and issuing status signals of the electrical receivers
  • through wired and digital communication channels.

Depending on the customer’s requirements, the complete electrical power distribution and electric drive control devices as well as individual switchboard panels or control, distribution and automation cabinets can be implemented on the basis of LVS.
The LVS are electrical systems that are freely configurable according to individual projects of the electrotechnical systems. A single-line power supply is enough for the system construction.

Technical parameters and characteristics

Parameter nameParameter value
Rated voltage, kB380; 660
Rated current of bus bars, Аup to 4000
Rated frequency , Hz50
Nominal current , Аup to 4000
Conventional thermal current , kAup to 100
Protection level GOST-14254up to IP 55
Climatic version and placement category GOST 15150-69Y,YXL,XL,T Placement category 3,4
Cabinets layoutSingle row/ multiple-row/ angular/ U-shaped
Maintenanceone-sided / two-sided