MMS 20/10(6) kV

Mobile modular substations of 20/10(6) kV are a transformer substation, consisting of two and more modules, the composition of which includes separate mobile platforms, ensuring its mobility.

MMS are used to handle the following tasks:

  • use as a main step-down or step-up distribution substation, including for electrical power consumers located in places where the construction of stationary substations is not cost-effective;
  • back-up of the primary equipment of the stationary substation in case of emergency power cutoffs;
  • intermittent connection to the power grid of objects under construction in case of absence of electric power supply during the construction period;
  • intermittent connection of consumers to the electrical power grid for the period of reconstruction of the existing stationary substation;
  • load shedding of electrical power grids during peak busy hours.

       MMS distinguishing features

  • MMS is a product of maximum operational readiness.
  • Ability to install various types and composition of equipment in accordance with the Customer’s requirements.
  • Possibility of increasing connections on a modular basis.
  • Convenience of assembling and operation.
  • Mobility and ease of car transportation by due to placing equipment on travelling platforms.
  • Reducing the duration of commissioning works by reducing the scope of work required to install equipment at the facility.
  • Reducing the size of the land parcel and the construction works scope on the site arrangement for the substation installation by reducing the substation dimensions in a mobile modular version.
  • Ability of connection to cable as well as to overhead power lines.

MMS operation conditions

  • MMS climatic version and placement category — Y1, XL1 by GOST 15150-69;
  • ambient air temperature from -60° C to +55° C;
  • type II atmosphere – industrial, environment – non-explosive, free of dust in concentrations that reduce the product parameter
  • air relative humidity up to 80% at the temperature of 20ºС;
  • installation altitude above sea level is no more than 1000 m;
  • wind speed up to 36 m/s (wind pressure up to 80 daN) in the absence of atmospheric ice, wind speed up to 15 m/s (wind pressure up to 14 daN) with the atmospheric ice with its thickness of 20 mm;
  • seismic resistance is 8 points per MSK- 64.

MMS of 20/10 kV composition includes:

  • Mobile version of power oil transformer 20/10(6) kV;
  • Container unit for the resistive grounding of the transformer neutral (as requested by the customer).;
  • Specialized travelling platform (semitrailer).
  • container storage unit;
  • 20, 10(6) kV switchgear;
  • auxiliary power transformer;
  • operational auxiliary power supply system with a compact rechargeable battery and charging device;
  • alternative current in-house cabinet;
  • protection cubicle and voltage control;
  • central alarm and control cabinet;
  • telemetry and recording cabinet;
  • metering cabinet;
  • container storage unit;
  • fire and security alarm;
  • jumper cables;
  • specialized travelling platform (semitrailer).
MPSS is completed with various relay protection and automation devices at the Customer’s request in accordance with the technical specification requirements.

Technical parameters and characteristics

Parameter nameParameter value
Rated voltage, kV 
— high20
— low10, 6
Supply transformer capacity, MVAUp to 20
Frequency of alternative electric current, Hz 
Rated current of bus bars, А630, 800, 1000, 1250, 1600, 2000, 2500, 3150
Rated voltage of auxiliary circuits, V 
AC220, 380
Switchgear 110 kV parameters: 
– rated thermal current (1 s), кАUp to 31.5
– electrodynamic withstand nominal current, кАUp to 50