Packaged Transformer Substation

Packaged Transformer Substation (PTS or substation) are intended for reception, transformation and distribution of electrical energy of three-phase alternative current with a frequency of 50 Hz in grids with an insulated neutral. Substations are used in power supply systems of industrial enterprises, gas and oil industry producing facilities, oil and natural gas transportation and processing, at agricultural and urban facilities.

Operating conditions

  • Installation altitude above sea level is no more than 1000 m;
  • Climatic version Y1, YXL1, XL1 in according to GOST 15150-69;
  • Atmosphere type II – industrial in accordance with 15150-69;
  • Resistance to seismic effects with intensity of up to 9 points on the MSK scale;
  • Climatic version and placement category – Y1, YXL1 (other versions are optional).

PTS composition

  • device on the upper voltage side (UVD);
  • power transformers;
  • switchgear on the low voltage side (LVSG)

The configuration and composition of the equipment used in PTS can be changed at the Customer’s request in accordance with the technical specification requirements.

Design features

PTS consists of one or more modules, that form a single structure after installation, inside which all the necessary equipment is mounted. PTS are delivered fully assembled or in separate units, packaged for transportation and prepared for installation at the customer’s facility. PTS design is constantly being improved; therefore, it is possible that changes improving the product quality are not reflected in this technical information.


Technical parameters and characteristics

Parameter name Parameter value
Rated voltage, kX
– on the high voltage side 6; 10; 35 (other values-on request)
– on the low voltage side 0,23; 0,4; 6; 10 (other values-on request)
Nominal rated capacity, kVa up to 1600 (of 2500 до 4000 – on request)
Conventional thermal current , kA 20 (other values-on request)
Thermal withstand capability time , s 1 s (3 s – on request)
Conventional thermal current , kA 50 (other values-on request)
Protection level IP23; IP34; IP54