Standard and non-standard Low voltage electrical switchboard

Standard and non-standard Low voltage electrical switchboard (LVS)

The low voltage electrical switchboard (LVS) are intended for the distribution of the three-phase alternative current electric power with a voltage of 380/220 V and frequency of 50 Hz, in the grids with isolated or dead-earthed neutral, for protection against overloads and short circuits, as well as for reactive power compensation, control, measurement and signalling. The LVS are widely used at substations, power plants, enterprises for the arrangement of oil fields, metallurgical complexes, housing and communal facilities.

Low-voltage complete devices are divided into typical and individual versions for single orders.

Low voltage electrical switchboard (LVS)

The following types of equipment in accordance with their main intended purpose are distinguished among the typical LVS:

  • electrical distribution panel. Designed for receiving, metering and distribution of the electrical energy in electrical plants of residential, public and industrial buildings.
  • back up power automated fall-back. Intended to arrange the energy saving from the independent power sources and energy distribution to different devices.
  • power distribution boards. Provide power distribution and protection of process equipment against overloads and short circuits, power supply of 380/220 V, metering of electricity, protection of cable lines against overloads and short circuits.
  • lighting boards. Provide protection for electrical lighting circuits with voltage of up to 380 V.
       LVS distinguishing features
  • Reliability of operation is ensured by the application of quality materials and the element base of the leading world manufacturers, use of modern technical  solutions and quality control at all the stages of production;
  • Due to the housing structure features, it is possible to manufacture a LVS of any configuration;
  • Due to the modular structure it is possible to create a wide range of the LVS-based electrical installations;
  • Due to the use of modern hardware components and circuit design solutions, the LVS has a high functionality in terms of control, automation and dispatching;
  • The equipment is placed in stationary or draw-out modules. The use of retractable modules and switching devices of retractable or removable versions allows performing maintenance works on the LVS components without the removal of voltage with guaranteed safety of the work performance. Performance monitoring and control are performed without opening the doors. All the controls are displayed on the LVS front side.
LVS operation conditions
  • LVS climatic version and placement category — Y3 in accordance with GOST 1515-69;
  • Ambient air temperature from +5° C to +40° C;
  • Environment is non-explosive, free of dust, including conductive dust, corrosive vapors and gases in concentrations that destroy metal and insulation;
  • Operating conditions group in terms of exposure to environment according to GOST 17516.1-90 – M2;
  • Air relative humidity up to 80% at the temperature of 20ºС in accordance with GOST 15543.1-89
  • Installation altitude above sea level is no more than 2000m (when operating the panels at an altitude of more than 1000m, the characteristics of the devices used in the panels shall be reduced in accordance with GOST 15150-69);
  • The working position in space is vertical, deviations from the vertical position up to 5° in any direction are allowed;
  • Seismic resistance is 6 points (9 points version is manufactured upon the request) per MSK- 64.
Design features

The low-voltage complete devices have a metal casing with air insulation, stationary and draw-out automated circuit switches, stationary switch-breakers, fuse blocks,  current transformers, control and alarm devices.
The LVS are categorized by differences in version— open or protected versions. Open low-voltage complete devices are an open board, panel or block, while the closed ones are a special box, cabinet or closed board.
The stationary or retractable blocks are installed in the LVS, all the controls are on the front side, they provide a high reliability of the equipment performance.