Mobile Modular Substations for the needs of Chechenenergo, JSC

SPECENERGO has completed commissioning of two mobile modular substations (MMS) for Chechenenergo, JSC.

To satisfy the needs of Chechenenergo, JSC (managed by Rosseti Northern Caucasus, PJSC), SPECENERGO has manufactured, delivered and commissioned two MMSs: 110/35/10 kV with power of 25 MVA and 35/10 kV with power of 16 MVA.

The 110/35/10 kV 25 MVA outdoor MMS is installed on three movable trailers. The 110 kV high voltage module includes a packaged gas insulation switchgear (PGIS), a 110 kV power transformer of 25 MVA and a 110 kV surge suppressor between the transformer and the PGIS. The medium voltage module consists of a heated container, which holds a 35 kV-cell switchgear, an auxiliary equipment cabinet, lighting, heating, fire and security alarm systems. The module is equipped with a retractable mechanism to provide passage in accordance with the standard technical documentation. The 10 kV low-voltage module contains switchgear cells and a substation control center (SCC) with auxiliary equipment, central alarm system, operating current and transformer protection cabinets.

The 35/10 kV 16 MVA MMS is designed as two independent mobile modules. The high voltage module consists of a 35 kV 16 MVA power transformer and a 35 kV high voltage power class cutout. The low-voltage module contains a 10(6) kV switchgear and a SCC.

The MMSs will be used as an emergency reserve during reconstruction or repair works of stationary substations and to take off peak loads during the autumn and winter period.

The use of MMSs in the power grid complex makes it possible to reduce costs and time required to prepare the site for substation installation at the facility, and the mobile design enables a convenient delivery of the MMS to the customer’s facility.