110/10 kV Modular Substation for Haier Plant

For electric power supply of the new Haier plant in Russia, SPECENERGO manufactured and commissioned its 110/10 kV (2×25 MVA) Modular Transformer Substation (MTS) (Haier 110/10 kV main stepdown substation (MSDS)). The substation became the primary electric power supply of the new Haier Industrial Park in Naberezhnye Chelny.
The project aimed at manufacturing a compact standalone substation with maximum operational readiness. The project deadline was not to exceed seven months. It took SPECENERGO only three months to design, manufacture and assemble the substation at the plant. The MTS was designed in the form of two modular prefabricated buildings with full operational readiness. The high voltage module with the area of 143 sq.m accommodates the 110 kV packaged gas insulated switchgear (PGIS) used as the 110 kV distribution device, utilizing the 5-N circuit and ensuring electric power switching. Using the PGIS allows to reduce the occupied area versus the conventional switchgear.
The second module of 96 sq.m. accommodates the substation control center (SCC) combined with the 10 kV packaged switchgear (PSG).  In accordance with the project, the SCC accommodates the following:
  • relay protection and automation equipment;
  • APC, telemetry and communication systems;
  • fiscal electric power metering system;
  • guaranteed power supply system of the substation.

All the substation equipment was made in Russia. Small dimensions of the MTS are its advantage. The area of the two substation modules is 239 sq.m. and the total area of the MTS with two installed transformers of 25 MVA each is 1,600 sq.m. Just to compare, the average area of open-space 110/10 kV transformer substations with two transformers is 4,000 sq.m. This advantage allowed to reduce the construction scopes and to cut the customer’s overall construction costs.

The MTS was delivered on site in separate modules with their dimensions not exceeding permissible transport ones and with assembly thereof performed at the Customer’s site.  The MTS was placed onto the foundation taking the smaller area versus conventional substations.

The MTS installation and commissioning ran on a very tight schedule. The 110/10 kV MTS has interior, exterior and emergency lighting, heating, ventilation and automatic security and fire alarm systems. The substation is fully autonomous and requires no continuous presence of maintenance technicians. The telemetry system is used for remotely controlling the substation equipment as well as for collecting and transmitting data to the operator station.
Another advantage of the Modular TS is the possibility of increasing its capacity by installing additional modules connected for parallel operation. The MTS can be used in electric power supply systems of industrial enterprises, gas and oil production, rural and urban as well as railway facilities.
The Industrial Park was inaugurated in only two years of execution of the Trilateral Agreement of Understanding by and between the Government of Tatarstan Republic, Mayor of Naberezhnye Chelny and Haier Corporation. Its total area is 1,277.3 thousand sq.km. The Park is to accommodate Haier’s washing machine, TV set, freezer and electric water heater production capacities. The current production capacity of the plant stands at 500,000 pieces per annum and is to increase to 1 million pieces per annum after upgrades and installation of an additional production line.