Mobile Packaged Transformer Substations for the FNHPP

SPECENERGO manufactured two 10/0.4 kV (1,600 kVA) Mobile Packaged Transformer Substations (MPTS) for the Floating Nuclear Heat and Power Plant (FNHPP) in Pevek, Chukotka Autonomous Territory.

Substations of this type are products with maximum operational readiness, which allows to minimize the duration of their deployment at installation locations. The substations utilize molded transformers thus making it possible to exclude oil headers. Installed reinforced articulated trailers with leaf suspensions allow recurrent transportation of the substations under off-road conditions of the Far North. The climate versions of containers ensure normal operation of electrical equipment installed inside them at extremely low temperatures of Chukotka Autonomous Territory.

These MPTS are designed for creating the onshore electric power supply infrastructure of the FNHPP construction site and the redundant circuit for the power plant when stationed at the port. The FNHPP is designed to provide electric power and heating for major industrial enterprises and port cities remote from centralized electric power supply systems as well as for offshore oil extraction and processing facilities.
Designing process for the floating nuclear power plant started in 2006 and in May 2018, it berthed at the port of Murmansk. Installation, testing and commissioning of the power plant power unit were scheduled for autumn 2019 in Chukotka Autonomous Territory.