Mobile Modular Substations for Sladkovsko-Zarechnoe Oil Company

SPECENERGO manufactured and shipped its two mobile modular substations (MMS) for electric power supply of Sladkovsko-Zarechnoe oilfield in Orenburg Each 110/10 kV and 6.3 MVA MMS consists of two modules with full operational readiness.

The 110 kV module accommodates the packaged gas insulated switchgear (PGIS) and the 6.3 MVA power transformer. The 10 kV module consists of the container with the following equipment installed inside:

  • 10 kV packaged switchgear (PSG);
  • the substation control center (SCC) with installed cabinets of protection, control, telemetry, communication, control current and the automated electric power fiscal metering (AEPFM) system.
The substation modules are mounted onto the articulated trailer to ensure their rapid motorcar transportation. The MMS will ensure continuous supply of electric power at Sladkovsko- Zarechnoe oilfield until the primary 110/10 kV Sladkovskaya substation is commissioned.
Sladkovsko-Zarechnoe Oil Company performs exploration and mining operations at 3 oilfields in Orenburg Region being Koshinskoe, Sladkovsko-Zarechnoe and Yasnopolyanskoe.