Launch of the Mobile Substation for Rybkinskoe Field

The mobile modular transformer substation (MMS) by SPECENERGO was commissioned to supply electric power to Rybkinskoe Field of Orenburgneft JSC.

The 110/10(20) kV and 25 MVA MMS consists of mobile one high and one low voltage modules. The high voltage module accommodates the 110 kV packaged gas insulated switchgear (PGIS) and the 110 kV and 25 MVA power transformer. The low voltage module is a thermal insulated container accommodating the 10(20) kV packaged switchgear (PSG) and the substation control center (SCC) with AEPFM and APC systems. The MMS has heating, lighting, ventilation, fire and security alarm systems and can operate on a standalone basis without engaging operating employees.

In April 2021, SPECENERGO’s professionals and officials from Orenburgneft JSC completed commissioning operations and supplied voltage to the MMS thus switching oil extraction equipment to the new electric power supply. Using the MMS is beneficial for the oil and gas industry as it allows to cut costs in relation to constructing a new fixed substation and preparing a site for it. The MMS can also move to new sites after resources of operational fields are depleted.