Mobile modular substation 110 kV for Chukotka

Peschanka MMST“SPECENERGO” have successfully manufactured and made shipment of the modular mobile substation (MMST) 110/10 kV single transformer capacity of 25,000 kVA for the needs of construction of mountain-concentrating combine Bamsky.
Baim GOK will be located 600 kilometers from the port of Pevek on the territory of the complex gold and copper Deposit Peschanka (Chukotka Autonomous District). The mobile substation will be a source of electricity for the period of construction of the Baimsky GOK and the main transformer substation PS 220/110/10(6) kV Peschanka, and in the future a backup source.
Commissioning of the mobile substation is scheduled for September 01, 2018.