Switching the Operational MMS at Rybkinskoe Field from 10 kV to 20 kV

mms Rybkinskoe
On 23 July 2018, Orenburgneft PJSC switched its 110/20/(10) kV operational mobile modular substation (MMS) at Rybkinskoe Field manufactured by SPECENERGO from 10 kV to 20 kV voltage on the LV side of the power transformer. It was required for streamlining the oilfield electric power supply system to increase throughput of the existing overhead line and minimize electric power transmission losses.
By default, the MMS design allowed connecting 10 kV and 20 kV lines at the LV side. This substation design allows to use it at sites with various grid infrastructures. Oil and gas companies often use MMS as alternatives to fixed substations and as ready-made integrated mobile solutions for gradual field development. MMS are used to supply electric power to oil wells during operation thereof and can be transported to new sites afterwards. This approach cuts oil and gas companies’ construction costs for substations and access ways as well as electrical equipment procurement costs.