110/10 kV mobile modular substation (MMS) for PJSC «Rosseti Moscow Region»

SPECENERGO has manufactured and delivered 110/10 kV mobile modular substation (MMS) for the needs of Rosseti Moscow Region.

110/10 kV MMS with transformer capacity of 25 MVA is designed as two independent modules of high (HV) and low (LV) voltage.

110 kV HV module includes a gas-insulated switchgear (GIS), 110 kV 25 MVA power transformer and 110 kV surge arrester between the transformer and the GIS. LV module consists of an all-welded insulated container with installed 10 kV switchgear cubicles, control center for substation (SCC), in-house cabinets, central alarm, in-line current, and transformer protection cabinets.

MMS modules are mounted on semi-trailers of improved cross-country performance transportable by truck, while thanks to their overall dimensions, they may be transported to their operating site by tractor via public roads. MMS modules are also equipped with a jacking system that allows their long-term on-site installation without wander along the horizontal axis.

The manufactured MMS is designed for prompt replacement of switchgear equipment of the operating 110/10 kV or 110/6 kV substation for the period of its repair in order to ensure power supply to consumers using a temporary power supply circuit.