Mobile modular substation (MMS) 35/6 kV for JSC «RN–Nyaganneftegaz»

«SPECENERGO» manufactured and shipped a 35/6 kV mobile modular substation (MMS) by order of JSC «RN–Nyaganneftegaz».

MMS is made of two modules: high (HV) and low voltage (LV). In the HV module installed packaged gas insulated switchgear (PGIS) 110 kV and a 110/10 kV 40 MVA power transformer. 

MMS with a voltage of 35/6 kV is made of two modules:

  • high voltage module with power transformer 35/6 kV 6.3 MVA and 35 kV switchgear;
  • a low voltage module with a 6 kV complete switchgear (CS) and an general substation control point (SCP) in a block container.

MMS equipment is placed on mobile platforms to ensure rapid transportation by road. The substation will provide additional power for the power supply of the Em-Egovskoye oil field, discovered in 1982.

JSC “RN-Nyaganneftegaz” is a subsidiary of PJSC NK Rosneft and holds licenses for the development of the Krasnoleninsky vault of deposits (HMAO-Yugra), which includes Talinsky, Em-Egovsky and Kamenny license areas.