Launch of MMS for Chernogorskaya GRK

A mobile modular substation (MMS) manufactured by SPECENERGO has been put into operation at the Chernogorskoye deposit in the Krasnoyarsk area.

SPECENERGO manufactured, delivered and carried out a complex of installation and commissioning works of MMS with a voltage of 110/10 kV with a capacity of 25 MVA to provide electricity for the construction of a mining and metallurgical complex on the basis of the Chernogorskoye deposit of platinum group metals.

MMS is made of two modules: high (HV) and low voltage (LV). In the HV module installed packaged gas insulated switchgear (PGIS) 110 kV, 110/10 kV 25 MVA power transformer, control cabinets of the switchgear and power transformer.
The LV 10 kV module consists of a complete 10 kV switchgear (CS) and a general substation control point (GSCP) with RPA systems, substation control center (SCC) with relay protection and automation systems, automated process control systems, automated electric power fiscal metering system (AEPFM), as well as life support systems (lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning).

The modules are mounted on semi-trailers, which made it possible to quickly deliver the MPS from the plant in St. Petersburg to the field 15 km from the city of Norilsk