Mobile PTS for Lenenergo PJSC

SPECENERGO JSC completed manufacture of three sets of two-transformer mobile PTS (MPTS) for Lenenergo PJSC.
The 10(6)/0.4 kV mobile PTS with two 630 kVA power transformers is used for the emergency reserve purposes. Where any primary (fixed) substation equipment is damaged, the mobile PTS is used during emergency recovery operations as well as for the reconstruction of electric grid utilities.
Each mobile PTS set consists of two heat insulated modules installed onto articulated trailers inside which primary and auxiliary equipment is mounted.
The module includes the following:
  • 10(6) kV high voltage switchgear (HVSG);
  • 630 kVA molded power transformer;
  • 0.4 kV low voltage switchgear (LVSG) including the in-house cabinet;
  • metering and telemetry cabinet;
  • AEPFMS cabinet;
  • heat protection cabinet;
  • uninterruptible power supply cabinet;
  • ATS and grounding alarm cabinet.
The mobile PTS is versatile and facilitates commissioning and connecting primary equipment to 10 and 6 kV grids. Modules are designed to allow loading, unloading and motor vehicle transportation to the installation site using no additional special vehicles.
The 10(6) kV HVSG is PSG-based and consists of 2 sections. The substation may be used either jointly to ensure electric power supply reliability category II or separately to ensure electric power supply reliability category III. The sections are connected using the inserted cable.
Power transformer chambers have due equipment cooling and forced ventilation systems. The Mobile DTS used as backup equipment for electric power grid reconstruction allows to cut design and commissioning costs and deadlines, minimize land allotment operations and requires no installation area on site.