Mobile DTS for Lenenergo PJSC

SPECENERGO manufactured three packages of its two-transformer mobile distribution substations (MDTS) for PJSC Lenenergo’s project.

The 6(10) kV MDTS with 630 kVA power transformers are designed for use within provisional electric power supply circuits during reconstruction of power grid devices such as DS and DTS under restrained urban conditions of Saint Petersburg.
The MDTS design relies on a thermally insulated container with lighting, heating and ventilation systems that accommodates primary and auxiliary equipment.  The equipment container is installed onto low-floor platforms, which allows recurrent transportation of the substation, non-utilization of lifting devices during installation of the provisional circuit as well as cutting transportation costs due to no need for transporting bulky cargos (MDTS dimensions comply with reference cargo vehicle dimensions for public traffic in Russia).
The 10-6 kV SG is versatile and facilitates setup and connection of primary equipment as well as control, automation, relay protection, monitoring and alarm devices. SG cells allow connecting several cable lines at once. Each SG contains its own in-house transformer for connecting 0.4 kV subscribers.
Mobile DTS are mounted on standard lifting jacks when installed on site. This solution does not damage landscaping and requires no special installation site. Using MDTS ensures quality and reliability of consumer electric power supply for the duration of repairs as well as cuts transportation and preparation costs for installation of fixed DTS and TS.