35/10 kV Mobile Modular Substations (MMS) for CanBaikal LLC

In March 2020, SPECENERGO completed manufacture and shipped its two Mobile Modular Substations (MMS) for CanBaikal LLC, a Neftisa Oil Company JSC group company.
Two 35/10 kV and 2×6.3 MVA MMS were manufactured using equipment produced in Russia exclusively. Substations are mounted onto articulated trailer platforms and consist of four modules:
  • two high voltage modules with 35/10 kV and 6.3 MVA transformers, and 35 kV
  • switchgear (SG);
  • two low voltage modules with 10 kV PSG and SCC in container units.
The oil and gas industry often uses MMS as alternatives to fixed substations and as ready-made mobile solutions for gradual field development. MMS supply electric power to oil and gas fields and can be reused at new sites. This approach cuts oil and gas companies’ construction costs for substations and access ways as well as electrical equipment procurement costs. The substations will be used to supply electric power to Untygeyskoe field in Khanty Mansi Autonomous Territory.