Mobile Substations (MMS) for Elga Coal Complex

SPECENERGO has completed power supply system for the shift camp of the Elga Coal Complex, Elgaugol Ltd.

The project comprised manufacturing, delivery and commissioning of two 35/6 kV 6.3 MVA mobile modular substations (MMSs) and one 35/6 kV 2.5 MVA MMS. MMSs are designed to be operated as the main power supply substations of 6 kV consumers.

6.3 MW substations uses 35 kV switchgear, 6 kV switchgear based on packaged switchgear cubicles, and 6.3 MVA power transformer. 2.5 MVA MMS uses 2.5 MVA power transformer, 35 kV switchgear and 6 kV switchgear, made on the basis of single-end service assembled chambers. The housing of MMSs is made on the basis of insulated containers and equipped with lighting, heating and ventilation systems; inside the main and auxiliary electrical equipment is installed. For prompt relocation of MMSs to remote and undeveloped areas with harsh climate all the equipment is installed onto a single “sledge”-type substructure.

MMSs will ensure uninterrupted power supply during the construction and upgrade of the infrastructure of the shift camp where the company’s and contractors’ employees live. As part of the program to develop and modernize the Elga Coal Complex, Elgaugol Ltd will renovate the wastewater treatment systems in the camp for the field’s employees. It is also planned to build two new settlements near the Elga deposit to accommodate 25 thousand people. The settlements will be equipped with all social infrastructure needed for comfortable life of the employees.