Launch of CanBaikal Mobile Substations LLC

Two mobile modular substations (MMS), manufactured by the LLC “SPECENERGO”, were put into operation at the Untygeyskoe oil field in the Khanty Mansi Autonomous Territory.
For the needs of the Neftisa Oil Company JSC branch – CanBaikal LLC, the LLC “SPECENERGO” manufactured, delivered and supervised installation works of two 35/10 kV MMS with a capacity of 2×6.3 MVA. MMS will provide a reliable power supply for the Untygeyskoye oil field development. Each MMS consists of a high-voltage module with 35/10 kV 6.3 MVA power transformers and a 35 kV switchgear (SG), and a low-voltage module with a 10 kV packaged switchgear (PSG) and a substation control center (SCC) in container units.

35/10 kV MMS are manufactured exclusively with Russian-made equipment and can operate in harsh climates – the operating temperature is up to -60°C in winter. The compact size and mobility of the substations make it possible to install MMS at any part of the field, as well as to transport it after resource depletion.